¡Disfruta de la vida!
We are Myriam & Erwin, the proud owners of the Finca Las Rocas, enjoying life together with our dogs and chickens. Finca Las Rocas and its beautiful cottages are located on the outskirts of Álora, in the middle of nature and overlooking the beautiful mountains and valleys. It is our pride and joy as we have renovated, modernised and restored the cottages and other facilities. This while retaining the original character. You will certainly experience it while holidaying with us.

It all started with our childhood dream - owning a small traditional Finca, hosting nice guests and keeping dogs, cats, chickens, bees and donkeys. Later came the desire for freedom, independence and self-sufficiency. Based on many travels, both business and personal, and experiences gained in different cultures and historical backgrounds, the picture slowly became complete. It became Álora!

In 2021, the time had come: Finca Las Rocas was bought and in 2022 we emigrated. After a year of renovation and restoration, our first dog Diego joined us and in 2023 Coco. We now also have chickens and a rooster. These stay away from the cottages. Perhaps more farm animals will join us in the future.

What have been our most important experiences so far?

Life here is otherworldly and breathtaking: people, traditions, architecture, history, nature, food, music, dance and much more.

The weather in this part of Spain is just amazing. We absolutely love the sun. For example, you can plan your outings accordingly and enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, painting and so on.

Life goes much slower. We realised that people in Andalusia don't seem to have as much stress as in the Netherlands and Germany.

In Andalusia alone, there are many activities that serve not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a means of maintaining old traditions and customs. Fiestas and festivals are the perfect example. There are also many old towns and villages to visit, with residents keeping old customs alive.

Less pollution in Andalusia. This is mainly due to its location. Spain's coastal areas are generally less polluted. Moreover, the country's main industries are mainly in the north. The southern region of Spain runs mainly on agriculture and tourism.

The Malaga region has a delicious and very rich varied cuisine with fresh produce. In Alora and its surroundings, many products are grown and sold locally. Fortunately, we are not dependent on the big companies for our vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese and so on. We now know where our food comes from and what local people do to raise it in a healthy way!

Meanwhile, we continue to maintain our Finca and last but not least: ¡Disfruta de la vida!

Un saludo,

Myriam and Erwin