Álora lies at the foot of the Sierra del Hacho. The old village is 2.5 km from your holiday bungalow (Finca Las Rocas - Rocasita).

Álora is home to several historical monuments, including the castle, which dates back to the 9th century, and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, a Gothic-style church from the 14th century.

As for festivals, Álora has several traditional festivals throughout the year such as:

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, celebrated with processions of religious brotherhoods throughout the village during Easter.

The Cruces de Mayo, held in May, with traditional Andalusian music and flamenco dancing.

The Verbenas, during May and June, fiestas are held in the various barriadas (a barriada is a kind of district of Álora).

The Feria de Álora takes place in late July early August, a big party with all kinds of attractions for everyone. Highlights include the horse show by David Chaves, an international celebrity of horse shows, and the fireworks. There are performances and activities throughout the week.

The Romería de Nuestra Señora de la Peña, a religious festival that takes place in September with a procession of devotees dressed in traditional clothing.

At Christmas time, there are lively Christmas markets and the village is decorated in style. These markets offer local produce and original or handmade gifts for the holidays.

Another unique experience is visiting Malaga during Christmas time. It has now become a world-famous attraction. The Christmas market can be reached by train from Alora to Malaga city centre within 30 minutes. Leave the car at home and enjoy the train. Indeed, Malaga is overcrowded with its millions of visitors during this period. From your holiday bungalow it is only a 15-minute drive to Álora train station.